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Flexible LED Display

Flexible LED display is a new type of LED display composed of flexible LED modules. It can be widely used for indoor and outdoor creative designed display and some display scenes requiring arc shape. Popular applications such as Indoor curve LED screens for decoration,advertising,creative design studio,cylinder, sphere and any place need to realize some eye catching applications.
Generally, based on current mature technology, there’re two sizes 240*120 320*160.

• Soft silicone back shell High contrast ratio

• Ultra-light and ultra-thin

• 160° Wide Viewing angle

• Remain picture clearly & seamless, no delay

• Simple & fast to maintain

Module Specification

Suitable for all kinds modules ,Upgrade replacement is easy

Friendly Maintenance

During the assembly process, the magnet on the back of the module can be adjusted to the adjustment gap at the uneven position. For flatness, please take the module out and adjust it after adjusting it. Please do not pull violently.

Magnetic suction installation

Magnet suitable adjustment to ensure flatness

High flexibility

The module is soft and flexible, could be designed into any different shapes as you can imaging

Easy installation

It is waterproof, transparent, quick installation and easy to maintain.

Various installation mode

The thinner and lighter high-precision cabinet and interlocking function enable the installer to complete the installation very quickly and efficiently, such as direct wall mounting, hanging and stacking arc installation, thus saving time, energy and personnel costs.

P1.25 P1.579 P1.667 P1.875 P2 P2.5 P3 P4
Lamp bead packaging specification SMD1010 SMD1212 SMD1212 SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD2020 SMD2020
Pixel density (dots/m2) 640000 401111 360000 284444 250000 160000 111111 62500
Module size (mm) 240x120x8.6 (L x H x T)
Module Resolution 192×96 152×76 144×72 128×64 120×60 96×48 80×40 60×30
Refresh rate (Hz) 3840
Frame frequency (Hz) 60hz
Gray level (bit) 14-18bit
Signal interface mode HUB75
Module bottom shell material Silicone soft bottom shell
Module weight (kg/piece) 0.215 0.203 0.195 0.216 0.205 0.175 0.175 0.17
Degree of protection IP30
Installation/maintenance mode Front and rear installation/maintenance
Brightness (cd) ≥600 ≥650 ≥650 ≥750 ≥750 ≥750 ≥750 ≥750
Color temperature (K) ≤12000adjustable
coordinate X:0.2500        Y:0.3000
Brightness uniformity ≥95%
Horizontal/vertical viewing angle ≥170°/≥160° ≥160°/≥140°
contrast ratio ≥5000:1






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