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 Care and get familar with your demand. according to your description, and our profession and experience.

Swiftly react and deliver one or more possible solution to your demand.

  Showcase products online and offer virtual experience of the prospecting LED screen.

​​​​​​​  Accept special requirement in producing special LED products.


 Timely track and report all the process.

Flexibly update client's demand or requirement.

  Quality control.

​​​​​​​  Standard factory tests
​​​​​​​ Prepare necessary certificates, user's guide, engineering draws if required, adequate backup parts, solid packaging.


 Online support including free training, and on-site support if required.

Free replacement and repair of failed modules.

  Regualr safety tips and follow-ups.

​​​​​​​  Discover more possible functions.


  • What is your quality control?

    In most cases, samples are available for free, except that in custom-made cases where the client demands a special design of function, shape or form. All products passed by CE, FCC, and RoHS certificates are tested for at least 12-24 hours to achieve stable performance and double-checked with the client before delivery. On the other hand, we can take you around online, or accompany your local connections/business partners and make a tour around our premises.
  • What comes along with the LED screen?

    A skeleton configuration: A device to play text, pictures, and videos, like a laptop, PC/integrated PCB(Pi 4B, for instance), tablet or mobile phone, to send the media signal through HDMI/VGA/SDI/DP cables etc., and a video processor to receive the signal from the device and then send it out to the LED screen through one or more CAT5 cables (transmission distance less than 70 meters) or fibre-optic cables alternatively if distance is longer. Pratically, an LED screen can be connected and controlled by cables, or wireless signals.
  • What is a cabinet?

    When we say panel or enclosure made of die-casting aluminium in most cases, or iron material in other cases, it shares the same meaning here with cabinet, which has several LED modules on it to make a complete display unit and will be piled up and fixed on the support structure. There are many sizes of such cabinets, like
    500mm*1000mm, 576mm*576mm, 600mm*337.5mm, 640mm*480mm, 768mm*768mm, 960mm*960mm, which are commonly used
  • What is a module?

    A module is the minimal unit to consist of a cabinet (see Q3). Often, available are320mm(W)*160mm/320mm(H), 192mm*192mm, 256mm*128mm/256mm, 250mm*250mm, 288mm*288mm, 150mm*150mm/168.75mm/200mm, etc.
  • What is pixel pitch?

    Since you can see many square LEDs on the screen, each of them is an (LED) pixel - in printing house,it is a dot in dpi. The distance between two LEDs is called the pixel pitch, officially put. But shortly, it is the pixel that people quote using mm to measure it.
  • What about warranty and maintenance?

    It depends on what kind of service the client chooses. We provide from one to five years of warranty.The better quality of LEDs on the screen, the longer the warranty. As of maintenance, 1% of modules from the whole screen are suggested for backup. Also, the replacement of failed modules or other parts will be asked for free repair in our place. They will be sent back when they are tested and work 100% well, while new modules will be charged extra fees accordingly. From time to time, the user manual, installation instructions and safety tips will all be delivered with finished goods to the client so that better usage and  maintenance are kept.
  • What are payment terms and shipping terms?

    T/T(telegraphic transfer), Wise(formerly TransferWise), and PayPal are supported for payment.To suit your best situation, shipping solution will be best weighted and picked, which in general, include EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. services by sea, DDP(door-to-door) and DDU(local tax exclusive) by air.
  • What kind of technical support is offered?

    Online support and training throughout the whole project and aftersale service are free. On-site assistance will require expenditure paid by the client-side, which includes round-way tickets, daily wage by local policies, accommodation and meal expenses, replacement and/or repair costs, and other unexpected costs if any that are required.
  • What is the MOQ(minimum order quantity)?

    MOQ is one square meter of an LED screen, which is the most common unit measurement for Chinese manufacturers to do all the math. For your reference, 1 inch is equal to 25.4mm; 1 foot to 0.3038 meters. Of course, a quote is possible to be made by your measurement standard.




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