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Interactive LED Floor Screen

LED floor tile screen is an LED display screen specifically designed for ground display, which has excellent load-bearing and shockproof functions. It has been specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, and heat dissipation performance, making it suitable for high-intensity stepping and long-term normal operation

Three major features of interactive induction LED floor tile screen

1. Differences in control software

Traditional tile screens only require ordinary playback software on the playback end to play the video source without accepting other signals. And the Lianman Optoelectronics interactive LED tile screen can not only play, but also accept the position coordinate information of the interaction point returned from the display screen. After receiving the position coordinate information, the control software can call different program files and video files to stop playing based on the accepted coordinate information.

2. The direction of data transmission is different

The data of traditional LED floor tile screens is mainly transmitted from the control end to the display end, which is fundamentally unidirectional. Interactive induction LED floor tile screens increase data return, belonging to bidirectional transmission.

3. Differences in screen display end

Traditional floor tile screens only serve as displays, while interactive LED floor tile screens also need to sense, collect, and transmit the coordinate information of the interactive points of the audience to locate the interactive points. This is the most important and critical center of the interactive LED display screen.



Professional Mask With Unique Design

The  module  mask  is  made  of  imported  PC  material  with  high  transparency  and   wear   resistance,and   processed   by  special  technology.It   has  the  following


>Good   transparency:NO   color   differences   with    any   viewing   angle.

>Skid-resistant,wear       -resistant,non-reflective,high       -heeled       shoes       are allowed.

>UVresistance:It   still   maintains   the   original   color   after   many   years   of sunlight.

>Professional   anti-blunt   and   anti-scratch   mask   design   that   gurantee   a   long       working  life  for  LED  floor  screen.



High loading Weight:

Maximum loading weight is up to 2T/m², and easy to deal with vehicle rolling.


Intelligent Interaction

Vegoo LED interactive floor screen self-developed built-in sensing system to increase the fun of inductive interaction based on  the normal floor screen.The interactive LED floor screen integrated with smart sensor chips and other equipment.When the person is on the fioor screen,the sensor chip can sense the position of the person and feedback the trigger information to the main controller,and then the main console logic judges to output the corresponding display screen,which can follow the human body's activities to present an immediate picture effect and achieve Interactive vision,touch,hearing…all creative ideas and imaginations.There are abstract world,magic ocean,magic lawn,forest,dynamic ocean world,dynamic ground,and vitual beach,etc.,can be felt with aesthetic and optical effects.The novelty,excitement,and coolness caused a strong resonance at the visual,sensory,and experience levels to tourists,which enhanced the sense of substitution and active participation of tourists,and shaped a high-level,all-round interactive experience for tourists.It is a unique journey of magic.



No screwing holes design makes LED floor screen complete and clear.

LEDS module adopts advanced glue filling technology and waterproof rubber gasket design,which perfectly meets the   requirements of dust-proof,shockproof and IP66/IP68 protection level,and can be used for various occasions indoor and outdoor.

Interesting Interactive Material

There  are  over one  hundred  interesting  interactive  games,which  is  easy  to  achieve  many types  of  interaction     requirements between people and LED floor screen,in a variety of places and environments,It makes LED floor     screen more lively.


How Mobile Phone App Manage LED Floor Screens


Aluminum Cabinet



Installation &Debugging

●Supporting rail structure forAL cabinet can NOT be adjusted,therefore,we should make sure the flatness of the

ground before installation.The installation steps show as below.


Specification Parameters


Steel Cabinet



Installation &Debugging

The supporting feet of steel cabinet can be adjusted from 130 to 170mm and adapt to a variety of conditions with a

wide range of applications.


Specification Parameters


Cases--Shopping Mall

The interactive LED floor screen has become supporting facility to use interactive LED floor screens in shopping malls due to the diversified development of the large-scale commer-cial plaza industry in many cities,Application market of  Dingli  in  commercial  plaza  has  become  quite  mature.We  adopt  varies  of  interactive  animation  videos  and  new  technologies to improve the brand image of themall.

Vegoodisplays can realize the interactive insertion of the advertisement while playing normal interactive videos.Consum-

ers can inadvertently learn the advertising message when they experience the fun of the LED floor screen,which greatly provide the flexibility and the brand awareness.



Recently,Interactive  LED floor screen  has  become the  main-stream  media of commercial advertisements  in various

indus-tries.Our technicians can provide comprehensive services for LED floor screen installation and debugging at any place of site according to the design of different shapes under different conditions.

Our  LED  floor  screens'brightness  can  be  adjusted  in  indoors  and  outdoors,which  is  suitable  for  many  different

installation  environments.In  product  design,we  always  go  with  the  concept  of  energy  saving  and  environmental protection.In terms of shipment,all spares for future maintenance are checked and confirmed as the same with your  floor LED screen,which is convenient for your after-sales maintenance.


Cases--Exhibition Hall

With the rapid development of modern city,all kinds of businesses are increasingly favored by more investors,not only in large cities,but also in small&medium-size cities where commer-cial development and construction are gradually improved,     The interactive LED floor screen has interesting interaction effects that used for various scenes and advantages for  energy saving and environmental protection,which has become the necessary advertising equipment and the landmark  of the city.The business lobbies and hallways,exhibition halls and hotels use the interactive LED floor screens to greatly enhance the core competitiveness and widely expand their business scope.







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