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Outdoor full-color soft module

The connection surface of LED soft module irregular screen is different from traditional display screens. Traditional PCB boards are made of fiberglass material, while the flexible module is equipped with high-strength locking buckles and linking devices. The flexible FPC circuit board is made of flexible insulation substrate, and the face shield and bottom shell are made of rubber, which has high-strength compression resistance and anti distortion ability, and can perfectly solve various problems of difficult installation in corners and corners.

 Product features

The module adopts a universal standardized display module with a size of 320 * 160mm.

★ High quality LED beads, high brush constant current drive IC, low temperature energy-saving, high brush brightness.

The module can be maintained front and back, and the assembly box can be locked with screws and magnetic suction. The front and rear IP65 waterproof design can bend up to 145 degrees. The minimum diameter of the circle is 61cm

The standard hard mold group can be customized for production and mixed use at the same time, using the same batch of lamp bead masks is sufficient. Outdoor installation does not require air conditioning, quick assembly saves time.

★ Independent research and development, design and production, PCB and kit patented products. The bottom shell is designed with a water channel, waterproof ring, and heat dissipation holes. It can prevent rainwater from entering the box, protect the IC and ensure the service life of the product. Efficient dust-proof and waterproof protection, uniform ink color, and UV resistant mask kit.

The outdoor LED display screen soft module has undergone multiple high-temperature and low-temperature functional experiments and scanning layer detection, and has become a mature product with stable performance and leading industry standards in various specifications.

★ Suitable for outdoor media, pole screens, cylindrical screens, inner and outer curved screens, 3D corner screens, irregular ribbon screens, and various irregular screens


Specification parameters


Module hole size diagram:










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