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P2.48-1m spherical screen

P2.48 LED Ball With diameters of 1m and 1.5ms to choose.Pendant mount, pillar mount and more.
Vegoo’s P2.84 sphere-shaped LED display is made of plastic structure consisting of 20 pieces of oval P2.84 modules, which are fixed at both ends by tiny screws. Thus, the globe is seen no fissure at equator and has easy front service. Owing to its special design, the globe is popular among commercial decoration, celebrity holiday destinations, public space and creative spatial arrangement, and more. At present, the globes with diameters of 1 meter and 1.5 meters are available.

    The LED spherical screen allows the audience to view from a 360 ° full angle. Unlike conventional LED displays, the details of the screen are easy to express. At the same time, the LED spherical screen can directly project spherical objects such as the Earth and football onto the display screen, giving people an intuitive and perfect video enjoyment.LED spherical screen, with display effects that cannot be achieved by regular display screens; Spherical stereoscopic playback, no dead corners for viewing, personalized design, can create a stunning visual impact

    The installation methods of LED spherical screens are diverse, and different installation methods can be used, such as seated, suspended, embedded, etc., to meet the installation needs of different customers


Product Features:

Seamless Assembly

The globe is made of plastic frame with precise 

modular assembly ensuring that the structure is seamless.


Front Service

The module is fixed with front screws to reduce the displacement of the magnetic attraction

Position, improved fit with structure, front maintenance design

Make post maintenance simpler and more convenient


High Stability

The high refresh ra te ICs and qua lity NationStar lamps are applied in the panels, wh i c h g u a r a n t e e s v i v i d a n d d y n ami c presentation in color and fineness in every image, no scan lines present..


Multiple Ways of Installation

To suit different customers’ requirements, our product is mounted in many ways, such as floor mount, pillar mount and pendant mount.


Multi-scene application

This outstanding product is used widely in places including shopping malls, auto parts stores, marketing centers of real estate firms; recreational spots: shopping malls, recreational centers, bars and pubs, karaoke boxes; public facilities: parks, squares, scientific institutions; and exhibit halls: grand business event advertising activities, exhibitions, corporate exhibition halls, and other places for publicity and promotion.










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