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P2.5 Poster LED Display 640x1920mm

LED mirror screens, commonly known as "static screens", are derived from advertising machines and also belong to a segmented field of small pitch LED displays. LED mirror screen is an LED "mirror screen" that subverts the original dynamic playback and sound image mode by switching static images in a sequential manner. Of course, LED mirror screens can also play dynamic videos, etc. At present, LED "mirror screens" are rapidly entering the commercial display market and replacing some LCD advertising machines, becoming a magic weapon for many businesses to create a perfect shopping environment. At the same time, they have also opened up the market for LED displays in the era of commercial displays.

Advantages of Poster LED

1. Lightweight and thin screen body, front maintenance, and strive to present high-end atmosphere, fashionable and novel appearance design. The installation method is flexible and variable, which can meet the installation needs of various application scenarios.

2. The system adopts a zero setting design, which is simple and convenient to operate. Advertising is plug and play, and it can be intelligently monitored and managed remotely through mobile apps, allowing everything to be mastered. The LED "mirror screen" can be arbitrarily spliced, so compared to traditional LCD and DLP, it has a larger area, wider viewing angle, and therefore is more eye-catching, with stronger visual impact.

3. In a static state, the requirements for color and clarity are more obvious than in dynamic videos. Viewers watch more carefully in a static state and have their own skills in handling ink and ripples at close range.

4. Stability, which allows static images to jump within a few seconds without experiencing fast and slow movements. There is also stability in controlling management systems, information dissemination, and other aspects.

LED mirror screen application field:

    Retail is one of the most important application territories for LED mirror advertising screens. In addition to indoor retail, the application of LED mirror screens in outdoor advertising is also rapidly developing. Whether people are waiting for traffic lights, searching for a favorite clothing store, or strolling to pass the time, LED mirror advertising screens can successfully attract everyone's attention.

    Other fields such as shopping centers, catering industry, product launches, weddings, hotels, airports, luxury stores, chain stores, reception halls, mobile screens, real-time videos, catering industry, reception halls, product launches, mobile screens, chain stores, etc. are also very suitable for using LED mirror screens.

    Moreover, with the advancement of technology, LED display screen manufacturers are continuously delving into sub fields based on product performance, functionality, and other aspects. Technologies such as high-definition intelligence, naked eye 3D, AR human-machine interaction, and VR virtual "fitting" are constantly being applied to LED mirror screen products.


Multiple displays:


one screen one picture


more screens one picture


one screen more pictures


Asynchronous & Remote control


Ultra thin & Light


HD& Compatible


图片                   图片   图片

                        Folking brachet                                                                 Base (vertical base, inclined base)

图片                        图片                             图片

         Wall mounting                                                             Side mounted                                                                    Hanging mounted







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