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Ultra Fine HD Indoor Led Display

Ultra Fine HD Led Display cabinet size is 400 *300, which supports front maintenance, key features support power backup and system backup. It support front maintenance, fixed installation and ceiling installation. About the compatibility, It’s compatible with P1.25 P1.56 P1.66 pixel pitch.

This ultra fine hd led display is widely used in high-end HD displays such as smart cities, command and dispatch center, conference medical education, security monitoring and emergency center, radio and television broadcasting hall, military operation command center, airspace and rail transit control room, electric sports events, oil and gas energy control center and other fields.

• Low brightness and high gray technology, 5000:1, low power consumption

• 3840Hz refresh rate, high dynamic picture display is real and natural, no smear

• Wide color gamut, uniform color, no rainbow effect, delicate and soft picture

• Metal heat dissipation, ultra-quiet fan less design

• Optional power supply and signal dual backup function

• Full front maintenance. High precision adjustment

• Die-cast aluminum design, seamless border less, infinite splicing

Maintenance before magnetic suction

Full front maintenance,Module, receiving card, Hub card, power supply takes out from front side.

Cabinet Specs

First class design for die casting cabinet frame, each cabinet (include all components) is only 7.5 kg , four sets strong fast lock to make assembling to be easier.

Front maintenance

Full front maintenance,Module, receiving card, Hub card, power supply takes out from front side.

Die cast aluminum design

CNC finishing, seamless borderless, unlimited splicing

Various installation mode

Thinner & lighter high-precision cabinets feature interlocks to facilitate fast installation like direct wall mounting,hanging & stacking.

Installation Diagram

The thinner and lighter high-precision cabinet is equipped with interlocking devices for quick installation, such as direct column installation, wall mounting and embedded installation.

Pixel pitch 1.25mm 1.56mm 1.667mm 1.923mm
Panel resolution (W×H) 320×240 256×192 240×180 208×156
Module distribution (W×H) 2×2
Flatness between modules ≤0.1mm
Panel size(WxHxD) 400mmx300mmx60mm
Panel weight  3.5Kg/pc
Installation method Back Frame Installation / Hoisting / Inner Arc Installation
Brightness 200cd~800cd/ m’Adjustable
Viewing Angle(H/V) 140°/140°
Driving Way Constant current drive
Refresh rate ≥3840Hz
Working voltage AC : 110V~240V、50~60Hz
Avg.Power Consumption 100w/ m² ~ 300w/ m²
Screen temperature rise(running state) ≤5 degrees
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~60℃
Operating Humidity 10%~90%RH,No condensation
LED Lifetime 100000 hrs






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