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Our Customized LED Display series allows you to create a unique design that matches your brand's needs. With a wide range of options for shape, size, and resolution, you can create a truly bespoke solution that meets every requirement, making sure your message stands out in any environment.

  • High Contrast Rental LED Display
    LED rental display screens are lightweight and have a light and thin structure, with lifting and quick installation functions, which can meet the requirements of fast installation, disassembly, and transportation for rental occasions. They are easy to load, unload, and operate, and the entire screen loading and unloading is fixed and connected by quick bolts, which can quickly frame and disassemble the screen, and can be assembled in different shapes to meet on-site requirements.
  • P2.5 taxi-roof LED Display
    IP65 | Remote Control | Smf'f'fart Lighting Control | Easy Set-up
  • P2.5 Poster LED Display 640x1920mm
    LED mirror screens, commonly known as "static screens", are derived from advertising machines and also belong to a segmented field of small pitch LED displays. LED mirror screen is an LED "mirror screen" that subverts the original dynamic playback and sound image mode by switching static images in a sequential manner. Of course, LED mirror screens can also play dynamic videos, etc. At present, LED "mirror screens" are rapidly entering the commercial display market and replacing some LCD advertising machines, becoming a magic weapon for many businesses to create a perfect shopping environment. At the same time, they have also opened up the market for LED displays in the era of commercial displays.
  • P2.48-1m spherical screen
    P2.48 LED Ball With diameters of 1m and 1.5ms to choose.Pendant mount, pillar mount and more.
    Vegoo’s P2.84 sphere-shaped LED display is made of plastic structure consisting of 20 pieces of oval P2.84 modules, which are fixed at both ends by tiny screws. Thus, the globe is seen no fissure at equator and has easy front service. Owing to its special design, the globe is popular among commercial decoration, celebrity holiday destinations, public space and creative spatial arrangement, and more. At present, the globes with diameters of 1 meter and 1.5 meters are available.
  • P2.5 Outdoor Magic CubeDisplay
    Multiple size. 200*200mm, 400*400mm, 600*6O0mm,800*800mm ,multi size customized 4 side or 5 side,6 sideswe also could customized large size





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