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Outdoor commercial advertising LED display

Outdoor LED Billboard is the most time-sensitive and flexible form of outdoor advertising. It allows advertisers to connect with audiences in real-time and are an efficient way to work in synergy with other advertising media.


1. The image is realistic. The LED display screen adopts high brightness SMT, with pure, soft, and non glare light color. It can be used for both decorative and lighting purposes. LED outdoor advertising screens combine the advantages of traditional media and television media, providing greater creative space. They not only meet the high visual quality requirements of commercial use, but also fully consider the personalized needs of consumers.

2. Good product performance - strong environmental adaptability. Each type of outdoor LED screen has been manufactured and tested through processes such as waterproofing, high temperature resistance, and low temperature resistance, adapting to various harsh outdoor environments.

3. Diversified advertising forms - interactive experiential communication. As a new generation of outdoor media, outdoor LED displays support diverse forms of advertising. By using high-definition and dynamic videos on large screens, we create an immersive experience that is immersive, changing the traditional one-way and forced information communication, providing viewers with a stunning visual experience, and improving the effectiveness of advertising dissemination.

4. Flexible operation - convenient content updates. Outdoor LED screens do not require on-site operation, and all display information can be controlled remotely through network. With just a click of the mouse, the screen information can be changed with one click, thus achieving network clustering for advertising display in cities and regions, saving time and effort.

5. Easy to maintain. The outdoor LED screen is composed of multiple boxes that are seamlessly spliced through technology. This means that if a part of the screen does not light up, it can be restored to normal use by directly replacing the box or replacing one of the light-emitting diodes inside the box.




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Dual heat dissipation

Low power consumption, low heat, energy saving and environmental protection; excellent thermal design, small attenuation, long life.

Solidly-built architecture

The solid structural qualities of the standard outdoor cabinets ensure efficient  screen performance in the harshest  of environments and severe weather conditions.

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Customized cabinet size





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