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High Contrast P3.91 Rental LED Display 500*500/1000mm

P3.91 Indoor/Outdoor Rental LED display screens,The cabinet is made of die-cast aluminum,cabinets weighs only 7.5kg and 12.5kg
  • In/Out P3.91

High Contrast Portable Quick Installation Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Rental LED Display Screen for Exhibitions/Theaters/Auditoriums/Lecture halls/Conference Rooms  

Advantages of LED rental screens:

1. Wide viewing angle, high contrast, seamless stitching, and high image quality

2. Easy to maintain in the later stage

    LED rental screens require repeated use, such as dismantling and transporting them to another venue for installation after an event is held. Frequent disassembly and assembly can easily cause damage, so when designing rental products, R&D personnel need to fully understand customer needs, repeatedly simulate customer on-site use, and then consider how to reduce product damage caused by disassembly and assembly, as well as the convenience of repair after damage.

3. Easy to install, customizable according to customer specific requirements

    LED rental screens require easy and fast installation, which can save costs and time, as they face long-term and repeated use. If the installation operation is troublesome, it is definitely a failed product and the market reputation is not good. For example, if customers have some special requirements, such as the need to make curved screens, right angle screen lights, or have special requirements for brightness, manufacturers can meet these special customization needs.

4. Lightweight and easy to transport and install.

5. It can be waterproof and collision resistant.

     LED rental screens can be applied in different scenarios and installation conditions are also diverse, and waterproof and anti-collision are very necessary.

6. High definition display with delicate image quality.

    With the improvement of stage LED display system technology and the large-scale application of LED display screen special effects, the stunning effect of large scenes and large images integrates the actors on and off the stage with the audience, making the audience immersive. People's requirements for LED stage rental screens are also increasing. High definition display and fine picture quality are the long-term pursuit of products at this stage.

    In summary, it is an introduction to the advantages of LED rental screens. LED rental screens are widely used in stage rental, song and dance events, various press conferences, exhibitions, sports venues, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-functional halls, conference rooms, performance halls, discos, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discos, TV Spring Festival Galas, important cultural activities in various provinces and cities, and other places.


图片(1)Size: 500mm*500mm Weight: 7.5kg


Size: 1000mm*1000mm Weight: 12.5kg

Back-and-front service 

Environmental-friendly structures for maintenance that is designed for all- purpose installation sites.

Modular design - hard connecting interface 

Modules, power and system parts are connected through hard connecting interface, convenient to connect and use.


Seamless assembly 

High-precision die-cast aluminum cabinets with space between them not large than 0.1mm. 

Various ways of cabinet combination 

One of the highlights of R-series include portability, rich transformation. Cabinets can be suspended in parallel, arranged horizonally in a curved angle, and mounted in stories.







Indoor P3.91 module


Outdoor P3.91 module

Screen Performance


Packaged with high-quality lamps to ensure ultra-high video resolution. 

High contrast ratio

High contrast ratio as a leading process to display every detail of our products brilliantly.

68.7 billion colors 

Capable of to perform color rendition of up to 68.7 billion colors in a smart way, whi ch be tt e r r ende rs c o l o rs a n d expresses things on screen vividly












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