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Mobius Ring LED Display

Special Customized Creative Mobius RingLED Displays have fast heat dissipation, high contrast, wide color gamut, high color reproduction, constant brightness, large viewing angle, low power consumption, special appearance. They are perfect seamless stitching and have anti-electronmagnetic interference function. Optional splicing combination, can be customized any size modeling.

Why choose Creative LED display?

With the development of design and aesthetics, the market has generated more demand for LED creative displays. Customers have more and more special requirements for the clarity, size, and shape of LED displays. By eye-catching visual effects and unique shapes, Creative LED display can always bring shocking visual impact to the audience .and it would always be the one of the best ways to highlight your events or advertisements.

Why choose us?

As a leading customized creative LED display solution provider. With our skilled team, over ten years of experience and unparalleled work enthusiasm, Sands LED are able to provide creative solutions to your unique needs.

Product ModelP2.5
LED standardSMD2121
Pixel Pitch2.5mm
Drive mode1/16 scan
Brightness>1000 nits
Working Temperature20-60
Working humidity10%-90% RH

1. Excellent PerformanceMain Features

High refresh rate prevents flicker, 16-bit color processing provides the highest level of the color gradien. Better and nature gray scale shifting reduce shooting stripes effectively.

2. Exquisite Craftsmanship

High-precision cabinet plane splicing distance is controlled within 0.1mm ensure that the cabinet splicing is smooth. Magnetic maintenance support 90 degrees spicing, and seamless connection.

3. Uniform Color 

Broadcast color gamut, color temperature and brightness, are intelligently adjustable, high contrast, beautiful and natural picture.

4.Wide Viewing Angle

The product has super clear ultra large field of vision.






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